Siberian Husky
Siberian Huskies are strong, compact, working sled dogs. Coat colors include all from black to pure white, with or without markings on the head. The face mask and under body are usually white, and the remaining coat any color.

pomsky pups

German Shepherd 
Often used as working dogs, German Shepherds are courageous, keen, alert and fearless. Cheerful, obedient and eager to learn. Tranquil, confident, serious and clever. GSDs are extremely faithful, and brave. They will not think twice about giving their lives for their human pack. They have a high learning ability. German Shepherds love to be close to their families, but can be wary of strangers.

Our farm is located in Mississippi. We are adjusted on a 100 acre farm. We pride ourself in personal care and attention to all of our puppies and animals. We believe that personal attention to your puppy at a early age is very important to the start of a well tempered lifelong companion that you are seeking. We are not as large as most breeders because we like to personally spend time with all of our pets on a daily basis.Our German Shepherd  and our Siberian Husky dogs are family raised and cared for.

We have kids that also socialize with the pups on a daily basis.
We are confident that we will be able to provide you with the best quality German Shepherd puppy or Siberian Husky to suit your needs. Whether as a family member or a professional protection dog, We will match you with the perfect puppy.
Our German Shepherd puppies  and Siberian Huskies are socialized from the day they are born until the day they go to new homes. They are raised by my family, for your family. Whether you are looking for a companion, family protector, jogging partner, our German Shepherds or Siberian Huskies  will meet your needs.

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The Perfect Puppy
Our Mission Statement
 To provide proper care for all of our pets. To convey this care to your "Perfect Puppy" at a reasonable price. To go above and beyond to provide a wonderful experience from start to finish.
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​Thank You For Visiting Us !!!!! We hope you find your "Perfect Puppy" here on our Website.......
We are located in North Mississippi. You are more than welcome to come here to pick up your puppy or we will be glad to ship your puppy via Delta Airlines ANYWHERE within the U.S.A. we also offer ground shipping, when available!

     Crate Training (1WEEK)    $150
     Leash Training (1WEEK)   $150
     Basic Obedience (1WEEK) $150
     Deluxe Package (3WEEKS) $375
Gold Package (ADVANCED) (6 weeks)

Deluxe package includes all 3 plus puppies second Parvo shot. Takes 3 weeks to complete. Gold Package (6 weeks)  includes all 3 puppy shots.
Extra Fees Apply
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