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                                                                            Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average starting price of your German Shepherd and Siberian Husky puppies?
The average price for AKC German Shepherd puppies is $600 to $1000 for males and females.
The average price for AKC Siberian Husky puppies is $600 to $1500 for males and females.
Prices vary based on age, color,  German or American Bloodline and Registration type.

What amount is the deposit that you require to hold a puppy until it is old enough to leave the litter?
Standard deposit is $250. Pick of puppies is determined by who sends in deposits first.

What is the procedure to purchase a puppy from your kennel?
First step is to complete the online Questionaire and a deposit agreement and Sales Agreement stating the litter and sex desired.

What happens to our deposit if we change our mind about buying a dog?
The $250 deposit is a promise or "good faith" commitment to complete the sale. It is considered a re-stock fee if the buyer decides not to complete the sale NO EXCEPTIONS.

Can we apply our deposit to another dog or pup at a later date?
Yes, some times circumstances change and it is not the best time to bring a new dog into the family.

How much notice is required in order to transfer the deposit to another litter?
After the pups are four weeks old the deposit is not transferable.

How are the dogs delivered to the new owners?
We send the dogs using the Pet First services through Delta Airlines. They are the last on the plane and first off We also try to use a ground shipper when available..

How much does it cost to ship our new puppy to us?
It costs $300-600 to ship within the U.S.(excluding Alaska and Hawaii).
That covers the cost of the flight, flight approved kennel (which you get to keep) and Vet Flight Certificate. cost varies on your location.

Where do we pick up our new dog?
Normally you will go to the cargo department for pickup, separate from the terminal.

Do we pay the freight charges to you or the airline?
You will pay us a minumum of 5 days prior to departure. We purchase kennel, drive puppy to airport, take puppy to vet and purchase flight ticket.

Will the new dog be protective immediately after arrival?
Pack animals need to know what human pack they belong to before they will be protective. They should only be aggressive to defend their territory and family pack members. The time needed for the territorial instinct to develop depends on the individual characteristics of the dog. Some will start to become aggressive over their new home in as early as a week and others can take up to a month.

What happens to our deposit if there is not enough puppies born in the litter and we are unable to receive a puppy?
We accept three deposits each for males and females but exactly how many will be born is out of our control. The deposit is transferrable to another litter of your choice. It is not refundable as we schedule breedings depending on how many deposits we are holding.

How soon after we pay for the dog can we expect delivery?
We can usually arrange for delivery to your destination within 24 to 48 hours after final payment has been received if the puppy is at the required age and weight.

If we put down a deposit how long will you hold the dog?
We can keep the dog here for ten days free of charge after the puppy is ready to go to it's new home. The dog must be paid for in full by the end of 10 days or the dog will become available for sale. There is a $25 boarding fee per night starting on the eleventh day. If the buyer refuses to take delivery thirty days after purchase the dog will be offered for sale and the buyer will be subject to the re-stock fee $50.00 and will not be offered a new puppy.

Why would a dog perform for a brand new owner?
Dogs are pack animals. When they are removed from their human pack they will look for a new one to belong to. When the dog transfers his loyalty to the new owners his trained behavior will also transfer.

Do you offer tours of the facility?
Yes, our kennels tours are scheduled by appointment. One of the staff members will be able to guide visitors around the facility after 11am.

Can we pick up our new puppy at your facility?
Yes, if you do not want to pay to have your puppy shipped, you must schedule a pickup 3 days prior to pickup.

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